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    Yellow Satsuma

    two-phase homogenous design of eCommerce web platform technologies and architectural masonry detailing.

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    the road ahead

    pave your way to a new eCommerce future using our deep Magento experience

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    architectural masonry

    we provide full scheduling and detailing services for architectural masonry, Wetcast, Semi Dry and Glass reinforced concrete (GRC) Products

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We are creative people who like to create with pixels, code & cad with a dash of coffee to ensure we get there. We have worked on a wide variety of creative projects, eCommerce developments and worked with some of the largest construction / manufacturing companies in the UK.
We produce some wonderful digital work and this is our showcase.


a little selection of companies we have worked alongside

CAD Detailing for stonework

CAD Detailing for stonework

Wether its Cast Stone, Natural stone or specialist products such as Glass Reinforced Concrete we have the experience and knowledge to see your project from inception to completion.

Magento Specialists

Magento Specialists

Using magento since its early release we have worked with clients from government to small jam and chutney companies to provide a smooth online shopping experience for customers.

Content Mangement

Content Mangement

We have a wide knowledge with CMS products such as wordpress and concrete5 to give you a web platform which is easily updatable and flexible to meet your businesses growing needs

Our Servicess

With masses of experience and talented individuals at Yellow Satsuma we have the power and expertise to provide high quality software development and graphics services.

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Architectural Masonry

We produce high quality CAD details for architectural products for both end client and Manufacturing working from Architects original details.


We specialize in Magento eCommerce, no matter the size of your store, from large multi shop corporate entities to single grown from home shops we can help you.

Custom Design

We can help you with your brand identity, logos, business cards and office stationary, speak to one of our team to push your brand to new limits and find new clients.

Got Talent?

we are on the lookout for exciting talented individuals to join our team

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Design Studio

more about us

Situated on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and the Deepest depths of Lancashire our modern design studio is the hub of our design principles. Our talented staff are able to produce high quality development and designs thanks to our comfortable environment.

Our clients are welcomed and encouraged to visit with us, spend some time with us and share a coffee with us to discuss requirements and strategize over your companies digital future.

If you never venture outside the box, you will probably not be creative. But if you never get inside the box, you will certainly be stupid.